Women who are brave enough to put down their respective addictions (i.e. alcohol, drugs, food, people, etc.) often face special life challenges that can increase their anxiety levels and the amount of stress in their lives. Facing “life on life’s terms” without their “addictions” can be frightening and difficult. It can be crucial to continued sobriety to deal head on with the realities and issues you are facing in sobriety.

Once the woman in recovery has been “sober” for awhile, there is a new awareness of strong feelings that once were numbed out by the addiction. Often these feelings stem from issues and relationship problems that were never dealt with.

Sometimes women in recovery experience symptoms of anxiety and/or depression that interfere with their abilities to function in daily living or create a lot of unnecessary suffering.

In addition, balancing the demands of a 12-step recovery program with family and work can also be stressful.

Therapy can offer individualized support in a safe and accepting environment where you can:

  • develop healthier ways of coping with your anxiety and fears
  • alleviate symptoms of depression
  • understand and face fears of intimacy
  • learn healthier ways to relate to others
  • process feelings of frustration, sadness, grief, anger and disappointment
  • do the necessary healing work to move forward in your life
  • learn about self-care and healthy boundaries

Sobriety (being free of addiction) offers a new opportunity to heal yourself, something that was not possible when you were active in your addiction. So getting the help you need is a positive step forward in this healing process.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Anxiety and Stress Management Center or call me at 215-858-7797.