Below is a checklist of symptoms associated with anxiety. Many of you will recognize at least some of these symptoms as ones you’ve experienced. Nearly everyone has experienced some of these symptoms at one time or another.

Go down the checklist and check the boxes of the symptoms that you are currently experiencing (within the last month). If these symptoms have been persisting for more than one month and are frequently intense in severity, you should know that it is possible to learn how to control and prevent them from occurring.

Unrealistic or excessive worry
Unrealistic fears concerning objects or situations
Exaggerated startle responses
Flashbacks of past traumatic events
Sleep disturbance
Ritualistic behaviors
Muscle aches
Cold clammy hands
Muscle tension
Dry mouth
Racing or pounding heart
Upset stomach
Lump in throat
Shortness of breath

Just remember that even though you may be suffering from some of these symptoms, the important thing to note is how severe are they, and how much do they interfere with day-to-day living. Do the symptoms lead to avoidance of certain situations?

Feelings of anxiety are often coupled with feelings of depression, worthlessness and guilt. Remember, ANXIETY DISORDERS ARE VERY TREATABLE.

Please read our page about Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, or visit the site of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America for more information. For answers to your questions, or to inquire about scheduling an appointment, please email the Anxiety and Stress Management Center.

Call the Anxiety and Stress Management Center at 215-858-7797.